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Princesses & Fairy Tales

I miss you as a baby. I miss the way our entire world seemed to be open ahead of us, and the honor and responsibility I felt to be the one who would help shape you into who you would become. Our family was just beginning, and you had opened up a whole new world to me. I miss the softness of your skin, and having your little body so close to mine as I nursed you or fed you a bottle. I miss watching your eyelashes flutter and close as I rocked you and read you bedtime stories, and the weight of your body as you fell asleep in my arms.…]


Jump Grow Love

Envision any female-centered post divorce plot and you'll likely see some variation of the following: ACT I: Woman sets out to forget all her worries; letting loose by getting out on the town, sleeping with simple, beautiful, younger men, drinking and having the most frivolous time of their life. In an attempt to fill the void, she desperately clings on to… Continue reading Jump Grow Love