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Safe with You

We are seated closely on a old, rickety school bus while large, gregarious and intoxicated men line the aisle next to me, shouting to each other and blocking my view of the door. We are new to each other, so I frantically contemplate in my mind if I should open myself up to you right… Continue reading Safe with You

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Hardship and Hope

If you've ever been through a difficult time (in other words, you are human) then you know how a situation can overwhelm and seemingly take over your life. Whether you are 15, 25, 35 or 70... when there is conflict, hardship, difficulty or loss, it can sometimes seem┬álike that is all there is. And when… Continue reading Hardship and Hope

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I’ll Take the Cold Coffee

Four months ago, my husband moved out of the house and into an apartment a few blocks away. Six weeks ago, I sold the home we had lived in for eight years and bought a house across town. It's overwhelming to look back and think about all that has transpired in the last few months.… Continue reading I’ll Take the Cold Coffee