A Story about Polka Dots

Hi there. Come on in, have a seat. I’d like to tell you a little story about Polka Dots.

A couple of months ago, in the midst of a very volatile time in my life (aka Christmas), I sought the insights of an intuitive medium to help guide me through what felt like a very pivotal time for me. My marriage was severely on the rocks, my career felt scattered, my head still hadn’t snapped out of pregnancy fog, and as a mother of a six month old and a VERY spirited four year old, it felt as if I was running blind, uphill, in a hurricane. I had no idea where I was really trying to go and attempting to make ANY progress in ANYTHING just ended in failure and exhaustion. As a do-er and a planner and a “let’s get something done-er”, I felt stuck. Depressed. Deflated. Helpless. Exhausted. Pissed-off. Too busy and confused to even think about dinner let alone what I really wanted in my life. Then by pure happenstance I came across the information for a Spiritual Healer named Dawn. I immediately made an appointment and had absolutely no idea what to expect. During our session, Dawn consulted my “Spirit Guides” (aka my angels, God, The Universe, The Divine, whatever you want to call it) and asked them to help guide me through my current situation.

I learned more about myself  in those two 60 minute sessions than I could have looking back through 16 years of journals that I have written. But what struck me the most was a visual that she described from them: “It’s like you are wearing this constrictive uniform – it’s plain and it’s boring and it’s uncomfortable and it’s not you. Yet you put it on every day because it covers you up and helps you blend in. They see you tearing it all off and exposing to the world the real you – in a fun and flirty and twirly polka dot dress”. YES. That’s me. They get me. Thank you spirit guides.

They also told me I needed to write more, and not just for myself. So welcome to Coffee, Wine and Polka Dots. I hope you’ll meet me here every now and again because – here’s the thing. I’m going to be going through a major life change in the coming weeks and months. Something that I’m not able to share in specifics at this time but that is going to be terrifying, heartbreaking, complicated, and at times, just plain brutal. And while that’s not what this is all about, as I step into this I am going to need an emotional outlet…and a little extra support.

Sharing my truth is not going to be easy. The dress might be fun and twirly but up close you can see that it has holes and stains and oh so many imperfections. But my hope is that by revealing all the little imperfections after covering them up for so long, it will free up the energy and strength I’m going to need to travel along this terrifying journey. Connecting the dots behind me as I go along. And all the while, trusting in the guidance to be myself and share my story.


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